RAN EDUCATION SOCIETY is running under the aegis of  MR. RAJKUMAR. RAN EDUCATION SOCIETY is a well established, association of Rewari, Haryana, who share the intent to nurture the well being of their city by providing quality education. The Society made its inception on July 5th 2013.The vision and foresight of prominent members – businessmen, traders and industrialists combined with the zeal of a few teachers culminated in founding RAN EDUCATION SOCIETY.

Recently keeping in line with the emerging global trends and aspirations of the new generation, the need was felt for providing the community with an excellent English Speaking & computer education. A institute which would develop in the students the capability of adapting to the demands of modern day-self reliance, responsible use of technology, good work-ethics and the ability to work in teams .With such a modern outlook it is essential to keep our students rooted firmly to family ties, the rich culture and tradition of the Human Community, upholding high moral values. RAN EDUCATION SOCIETY has been conceived with these noble ideas.


Sessional Exam start on 2021
Admission Open For New Session 2021-2022

Our Course

Everything we do at RAN Education is based on the strong values we teach.


A community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and champions of our own success.

Director's MESSAGE

This is Rajkumar the director of RAN EDUCATION SOCITY having a massage for all of you that we are in the race of providing quality education since 2012. It’s students who have made this amazing institute. But we have yet a long way to go – dreams to fulfill, heights to reach and responsibility to carry out.

Knowledge is as powerful as the application of it, and as useful as the care that goes into the application. Let’s put wisdom in education by combining knowledge with application, compassion and insight. Some of you will be somewhere like engineers, scientist, doctors, teachers who’ll create tomorrow’s engineers, academicians, scientists and business leaders. But I aspire that all of you will be the most caring, wise and determined human beings.I dare you to dream, to work smart and strive for nothing less than excellence and implore you to enjoy the journey, every step of the way. Believe in yourself, your mentors, peers and partners. Don’t compromise on ethics and your beliefs.

Admission Open 2021-2022